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Get Enterprise Level Fleet Maintenance & Repair Services from Tri-State Industrial Alliance

Tri-State Industrial Alliance has developed the #1 Industrial Fleet Maintenance & Repair Service in the Ohio Valley, and provides industrial and petrochemical companies with the fleet maintenance & repair services they need to scale their organization. We service the Ohio Valley, Pittsburgh metropolitan area, and the Gulf petrochemical region. Our fleet maintenance and repair services provide quick solutions when you need it most. Get a free consultation to discover how the Tri State Industrial Alliance's Fleet Maintenance and Repair Services can help keep your operation running smoothly.

1. Get a 30min. discovery call: It's likely you already know what you need to do to solve your problem, you just aren't sure exactly what package to choose or aren't sure if you have the resources to get it done. We'll go over all your project details on our call.

2. We will then educate you on your potential solutions, what the outcome of those solutions will be, and explain what system is the most scalable and cost effective for you.

3. Get a Fleet Maintenance & Repair solution that is easy to use and gives you the data you need to make important business decisions. 

Get your free consultation now to discuss your project and see how much more efficient your process could be when working with Tri-State Industrial Alliance for Fleet Maintenance and Repair Services.

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Fleet Maintenance & Repair Services

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Monitoring & Reporting

Get advanced monitoring and reporting: Live notifications, updates, and insights sent directly to your inbox.

Blue Pickup Truck

Purchase & Rental

Get new or used vehicles for your fleet. Great quality. Better prices.

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Service & Maintenance

Get mobile, on-site service and maintenance. One-off & program options. Parts & Fluids.

Discover Your Quickest Path to Results

Get a free consultation and get the Fleet Maintenance & Repair Services you need to keep your fleet in motion.

The Tri State Industrial Alliance provides Gulf-region petrochemical companies with the quick, efficient fleet maintenance & repair services necessary for growth. Get a free consultation and discover how much money you can add to the bottom line with Tri-State Industrial Alliance. 

Fleet Maintenance Services: Reduce your accidents caused by failure of mechanical parts.

Get regular inspections and catch problems while they are still minor, preventing the need for most expensive repairs.

Boost employee morale by keeping your fleet on the move and running smoothly with our quick fleet repair services.

Buy or rent new or used fleet vehicles from certified dealers.

Get a Telematics monitoring system rooted in the Internet of Things.


Get your FREE Consultation & discover how to get:

  • The best results​

  • With the least amount of money​​

  • In the shortest amount of time 

Why Trust Tri State Industrial Alliance to handle your Fleet Maintenance & Repair?

Discover why industrial and petrochemical companies across the United States trust the Tri State Industrial Alliance with their toughest projects.

Our fleet maintenance and repair system is proven to reduce costs and increase your bottom line.

We have industry leading specialists dedicated to specific segments of fleet maintenance and repair, so you get efficiency not achievable in-house.

Our highly connected network of professionals ensures optimal communication between touch-points, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.

We have been in the fleet maintenance and repair industry for decades, and we understand the nuances associated with your toughest projects.

Our dedicated professionals provide a customer satisfaction guarantee.

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