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Distribution is the process of making a product or service available for the consumer or business user who needs it.

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Promptness and efficiency are essential for successful industrial supply chain management. After being in the supply chain management industry for X years, we've learned what it takes to dominate a market.

The Tri-State Industrial Alliance provides commercial petrochemical companies with the streamlined industrial supply chain management services they need to grow their organization.

We provide you with the services you need to scale:

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What is Industrial Supply Chain Management

Why are Industrial Supply Chain Management Services important?

How to find the best Industrial Supply Chain Management company?




Industrial Supply Chain Management

  • Manufacturing

  • Warehousing

  • Distribution

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  • Maintenance

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What is Industrial Supply Chain Management?

Industrial supply chain management can be defined as the systematic approach to the flow of products/services from raw materials, to manufacture, through storage, and shipment/delivery to the end consumer.  Everything from the beginning of the process, all the way through purchase, is considered supply chain management. This also includes the product design, planning, execution, and optimization of the entire process.  System maintenance is also included in supply chain management.

The Tri-State Industrial Alliance helps companies on both a local and global scale increase efficiency, cut costs, and ultimately increase profits through our enterprise-level industrial supply chain management services.

Industrial supply chain management is nothing more than a strategic plan to ensure quality and prompt delivery of a product/service, reduce waste, and boost profits. 

Why are Industrial Supply Chain Management services important?

As for supply chains for the services industry, they hold many differences from the supply chain of manufacturing of goods and products. Although they both have inputs, in the manufacturing industry and the service industry there must be labor completed to process everything required to give the end consumer what they need or want. Besides doing internal labor, they will both require suppliers to carry out various roles to help obtain the end result. There is one main difference and it lies in the costs of manufacturing industry that include transporting, storing and manipulating a physical material. In most cases, the service industry will include the manipulation of information and networking. This will change greatly the capital investments in physical equipment and machinery that the manufacturing industry will have, as opposed to a software and hardware infrastructure.

One of the biggest changes to supply chain management is the integration of technology: See Internet of things, related article, etc.

The integration of technology has enabled industrial supply chain management to become much more efficient, which is highly critical because the industrial supply chain includes manufacturing, which has higher costs associated to reach the end result.

The manipulation, transportation, and storage of a product lead to increased operating costs, putting increased importance on efficiency of an industrial supply chain.

How to Find the Best Industrial Supply Chain Management Service Company?

When it comes to hiring an industrial supply chain company, it's vital you hire a company who has experience in your industry and understands the nuances associated with each step of the process.


The transformation of goods, materials or substances into new products.


Storage of products for later distribution.


The strategic alignment of people, process and technology to support commercial activities, improve sales, innovation, and marketing.


The strategic alignment of people, process and technology to support commercial activities and improve sales, innovation and marketing effectiveness.