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Distribution is the process of making a product or service available for the consumer or business user who needs it.

Fleet Services from the Tri State Industrial Alliance are proven to cut costs and reduce downtime.

Fleet services are critical for keeping your commercial fleet running smoothly, eliminating downtime which eats profits, and keeping employee morale high. When your business either leases a fleet, or hires a fleet management company, fleet services should be included in the service offering. Those experienced with fleet management know a lot goes into fleet services. If you either own your fleet, or lease your vehicles, you may wonder what a business means by "fleet services." What services are included? What can you expect from a fleet service package? In all reality, fleet services could potentially include the procedures that help your business select, maintain, and optimize the performance of your fleet; these are all things that could fall under fleet services provided by a company. The main focus however, is taking care of your fleet. In the following paragraphs, we'll break down how fleet services from Tri State Industrial Alliance will benefit your business.

Fleet Services: Maintenance & Repair

Fleet services from Tri State Industrial include comprehensive fleet maintenance and repair. By trusting us to handle your fleet services, we make sure your fleet is running as it was designed to; you have to realize the vehicles in your fleet are running constantly. All day, every day. If you want to get the most value out of your fleet, you need fleet services to stay ahead of repairs through maintenance. That's what fleet services are for. That being said, not every business has the staff to keep your fleet running in tip-top-shape. If you don't have a full-time mechanic, you can compensate with a fleet services package/plan. Our fleet services professionals provide inspections, tune-ups, and put together easy fleet maintenance routines that you and your employees can follow.

Fleet Services: Analysis & Optimization

Our fleet services also help you optimize the performance of your existing fleet. You can always assume your vehicles have something that needs fixed, or there is room for improvement. Typically, the "room for improvement" is the schedule, or overall satisfaction of your drivers. By choosing a different vehicle for a job, or choosing a difference maintenance plan, you could improve your fleet/vehicle's mile per gallon. You can also improve your performance with new technology to improve your workflow. You could also switch out vehicles that are beyond or approaching the end of their lifecycle. Fleet services from Tri State Industrial Alliance can provide an analysis to identify areas where you can improve efficiency and streamline your fleet management. Regardless of if the optimal step is new software or a vehicle upgrade, fleet services help you analyze performance and figure out where you can get the most value from improvements. Once Tri State Industrial Alliance develops a fleet service plan, our fleet service and management team help you take care of implementing and optimizing those changes.

Licensing and Title Management

Fleet management and services also includes the licenses and titles for your fleet vehicles. Our fleet services excel at handling everything from everything with licensing and title management so you have one less thing to worry about. Our fleet services programs use your company's existing vehicle management solutions, ensuring your vehicles are up to date and have all their paperwork.

Do Fleet Services include Fuel Card Programs?

Fleet services can also be used to create and implement fuel card programs. When your employees are on the road, you don't want them to cover fuel expenses for your fleet out of pocket. You also don't want to hand over the company card that could be abused, including snacks, but also potentially thousands of dollars in gas fraud. Fleet services can help eliminate this risk with a fuel card program. A fuel card can create simple and easy ways to pay for gas while limiting the potential spend (and risk) to your company. 

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Manufacturing Services from the Tri State Industrial Alliance enables petrochemical and industrial companies in the Ohio Valley, Greater Pittsburgh Metropolitan area, and across the United States to get the manufacturing servicese they need to kep running effeciently.

Our state of the art manufacturing facilities give us the flexibility necessary to produce the metal, plastic, and composite materials you need to keep your business running smoothly. Get your parts manufactured to spec, quickly.

We work closely with our clients to understand the nuances to each project and make sure your parts and materials meet regulatory requirement. We have robust risk management processes to ensure compliance in regulated environments.

Our diverse backgrounds and experience allow us to handle your toughest manufacturing projects. Contact us today to schedule a free demo and to discuss your manufacturing service needs.

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Getting the best manufacturing services has never been easier. The Tri State Industrial Alliance provides Gulf-region petrochemical companies with the quick, efficient manufacturing services necessary for growth. Get a free consultation and discover how much money you can add to the bottom line with Tri-State Industrial Alliance. 

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