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Fleet Truck Sales from Tri-State Industrial Alliance

Fleet Truck Sales have never been more simple with Tri State Industrial Alliance. We provide industrial and petrochemical companies with a selection of new and used inventory from our trusted partners so you can be assured on quality and satisfaction. Our fleet truck sales and services also provide fleet maintenance and repair so your fleet keeps running. Our trusted partner network also includes fluid and parts manufacturers and distributors, so you can get the best prices on the market. Contact us today for fleet truck sales and see how much you can save.

Fleet Sales: Tri State Industrial Alliance provides a selection of inventory for industrial companies.

Inventory: Buy both new and used fleet trucks for sale.

Brands: Browse International and Ford fleet trucks for sale.

Fleet Truck Maintenance: Our partners also provide fleet truck maintenance. (Everything under one roof.)

Prices: Since we work with distributors, our fleet truck sale prices for both new and used fleet trucks are always the best on the market.

Fleet Truck Sales are an important part of any industrial company, so working with a partner dedicated to satisfaction is highly important to keep your fleet mobile and productive. The Tri State Industrial Alliance has been in the fleet sales industry for decades and understand what it takes to keep our customers happy. If you'd like to look at our new and used fleet trucks for sale or have a question, fill out the form and one of our friendly representatives will reach out to you shortly!

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International and Ford Work Trucks

Fleet Truck Sales include International and Ford work trucks. We have both new and used fleet trucks for sale, so speaking with one of our partners will help point you in the right direction. You can also browse new and used fleet truck sales by clicking the links to our partner's pages below:

New and Used Fleet Trucks for Sale

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The Tri State Industrial Alliance understands the different needs of industrial and petrochemical companies, so we provide an advanced selection of both new and used fleet trucks for sale. This way, you can make additions to your fleet without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much do new and used fleet trucks cost?

The cost of a new or used fleet truck depends on what kind of commercial vehicle you need, along with what features and additional equipment is necessary to perform the job function. When considering purchasing a new or used commercial truck, it's important to look over all your options. Just because a company is near you doesn't mean they are the best fit.

Do you have Ford commercial trucks?

Yes, we have Ford commercial trucks.​ Our partners have both new and used International and Ford commercial trucks for your fleet.


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