Industrial Supply Chain Management


Distribution is the process of making a product or service available for the consumer or business user who needs it.

Industrial Supply Chain Management 

Industrial Supply Chain management follows the same principles as the general supply chain, but with a focus on industrial companies involved in construction, petrochemical and energy companies, infrastructure, and more. Our industrial supply chain management services include a range of industries along the industrial supply chain; from manufacturing of raw materials and creating spare parts, logistics, warehousing, distribution, and fleet services. We have decades of industrial expertise, lean manufacturing capabilities, and a wide network of warehousing and  distribution centers to create stable processes. All of this enables us to provide our industrial supply chain management clients with the support and competitive advantage they need to dominate their markets.

What is Industrial Supply Chain Management?

Industrial Supply Chain Management is specifically focused on the flow of goods, including the distribution and storage/warehousing of raw materials, of partially completed inventory and of finished goods in the industrial sector. 

Industrial supply chain management companies like Tri-State Industrial Alliance provide commercial contractors and petrochemical companies with the streamlined, value added industrial supply chain services they need to grow their organization. Industrial supply chain management typically consists of 5 parts:

Each of these steps in the industrial supply chain are a chance for a company to cut costs and increase efficiency, leading to lower costs and higher profits.

How Do Industrial Supply Chain Management Services Work?

Logistics and industrial supply chain management services are growing increasingly competitive due to globalization. Costs of production and demand are both increasing, causing firms to create meaningful differentiation to separate themselves in a highly competitive market. The Tri State Industrial Alliance provides industrial supply chain management solutions that create savings, increased profits, and enabling them to focus their time and energy on strategic positioning.


For instance, manufacturing in the industrial supply chain depends on the ability to meet customer expectations, while simultaneously boosting profit margins. Your business must be able to be competitive on price, while increasing the quality of your products and expanding on your product service line. By working with an industrial supply chain company to reduce the time to market and developing more features, you can not only manage the cost of production, but increase your profitability along the way.


Another example would be strengthening your customer loyalty and building on those relationships by increasing efficiency in your distribution. Your business may hire an industrial supply chain management company to develop more reliable distribution processes while better utilizing your fixed expenses. An industrial supply chain company can help you better utilize your scheduling to reduce warehousing from 7 to 5; cutting costs and increasing profits.

By hiring Tri State Industrial Alliance for your logistics and industrial supply chain management services, we help create a lean supply chain management process that supports your manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and operations management processes. 
We know what it takes to what it takes to implement a successful industrial supply chain management strategy. 


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Why is Industrial Supply Chain Management Important?

Industrial supply chain management is important because it's an opportunity for a business to increase their profits internally, without spending money on R&D to expand their product offering. Industrial supply chain management is also important because without a highly developed and monitored supply chain management system in place, you can potentially let costs get out of control and your organization will begin to lose profits.


In the industrial supply chain, manufacturing is typically the largest cost associated with the end result. These higher costs are due to multiple vendors carrying out separate, specialized functions. With each of these vendors comes a fixed and variable cost. To go along with high manufacturing costs, the manipulation, warehousing, and distribution of a product also increases operating costs—putting more pressure on a company to increase the efficiency of the industrial supply chain. With the integration of technology to the industrial supply chain, businesses are enabled to become much more efficient; however the industrial supply chain process must be constantly improved and optimized for businesses to stay competitive in the global economy.

How to Find the Best Industrial Supply Chain Management Company?

When it comes to hiring an industrial supply chain management company, it's vital you hire a company who has experience in your industry and understands the nuances associated with each step of the process. Hiring an industrial supply chain management company that understands the individual aspects of your business and already has a world class industrial supply chain solution will dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes for you to see tangible results.